The place Vrsi lies 6 km to the north-east of Nin. The centre of the place is on a hill only some hundred metres away from the sea. Vrsi is divided into several quarters of which two are directly by the sea: Zukve and Mulo.


The quarter Zukve is the part of Vrsi closest to Nin. It is only 1-2 km far from Nin in eastern direction. Here you can find many beautiful private houses with apartments of different categories. There are two beaches in Zukve, a sandy beach with easy access to the sea and a pebble beach. The sandy beach has a form of an arch while the pebble beach is flat. At the pebble beach you’ll find the “Santa Maria” coffee bar which is a newly build replica of the famous ship. Next to the beach and the ship is the small, early Christian church of St Jacob. There is a food shop in Zukve and also several coffee bars and an amusement park for children.


Mulo is the most beautiful part of Vrsi, situated on the north-eastern side of Nin, i.e. on the north side of the bay. There are many beautiful private and boarding-houses. The majority of them are directly by the sea or only 100-200 meters from the sea. There are pebble beaches and most of them have easy access to the sea. Next to the beach is a promenade with the main road and several shops, two restaurants, two coffee bars and a pier where you can buy fresh fish off the fishing boats. On the west side of Vrsi begins a 2 kilometres long pinewood, completely unsettled and an ideal place for nudists or people looking for solitude. The access to the sea is rocky but only 10 meters into the sea you’ll find sand on the seabed.

Coves, beaches…

When you drive from Vrsi towards the isle Zečevo, passing next to fields and vineyards, driving on a macadam road, you’ll reach one of the most beautiful sand coves – Ričine. It’s a deserted, idyllic, natural sand beach in form of an arch. The cove is often used by many yachts as an ideal place to anchor on their way to Pag or Zadar.

Not very far from the cove Ričine, passing along a macadam road from the stone pit towards the isle Zečevo, you’ll come across some beautiful small coves surrounded by rocks and with sand and pebble on the seabed. Far away from the civilisation you’ll enjoy the untouched nature, the crystal clear sea and a beautiful view of the island Pag and the magnificent mountain Velebit.

Traffic connections

The nearest airport is the Zadar Airport- Zemunik, only 28 kilometres away. The nearest ferry port and railway station is in Zadar (25 kilometres). Buses drive several times a day on the route Vrsi-Nin-Zadar.

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